Choosing A Niche for Your Blog

Choosing A Niche for Your Blog

When considering choosing a niche for your blog, you need to consider a Niche that you are interested in and which you know about and enjoy writing about. This is because you will need to write content or articles (posts) about the Niche subject which you choose, as an Affiliate Marketer. How To Choose The Perfect Niche For […]

Keyword Expansion Guidance on Keyword Research 2022

Keyword Research 2022

Introduction to Keyword Research 2022 This is a guide with a worked example of how to find relevant keywords, using different methods and also how to research keywords using the Jaaxy keyword tool. The methods which we demonstrate are as follows: Using Google, for Adword suggestions, known as the Alphabet soup method. Using Yahoo Answers. Using, […]

Copyright Free Sources of Images For Websites – Free to Use!

Copyright Free Sources of Images For Websites

Introduction – Sources Of Free Images For Websites Very often it is useful to post images within articles such as blog posts or pages, and it can be very expensive to obtain images from established websites such as Shutterstock. For that reason, we have investigated sources of Free Images, and have identified a few sites […]

Understanding The Sales Process, Funnels, Up Sells, Down Sells, Cross Sells

Understanding the Sales Process

Introduction To The Sales Process Understanding the sales process in principle is essential before being able to comprehend what is the online sales process or process of conversions. Personal selling a sales process that typically includes up to nine steps. Some sales representatives develop scripts for all or part of the sales process. The sales process can convert …. A sales process flowchart or process map can be produced to represent […]

Jaaxy Review – Keyword Research Tool

jaaxy review 2022

Introduction to Our 2022 Jaaxy Review – What is Jaaxy? Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool software program from Kyle and Carson the owners and developers of Wealthy Affiliate. In this article we will be doing a comprehensive Jaaxy review. For those unaware, Jaaxy was designed to help subscribers to carry out Keyword Research, but in addition to […]

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2022 from Patric Chan

Review of CB Passive Income from Patric Chen

Introduction to Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2022 from Patric Chan Here is our Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2022 which is a ClickBank product from Patric Chan, which enables you as a license holder to earn affiliate commissions from ClickBank from products which Patric Chan chooses and markets. The program was first released in […]

Keyword Research For Ecommerce – Beginners Guide

Keyword Research For Ecommerce

Introduction To Keyword Research For Ecommerce Keyword Research is essential in internet marketing for identifying relevant search terms in order to identify niches or audiences (groups of people) who are potential customers or users of your product or service. You need to research what people are looking for! From the articles which we refer to […]

Webfire SEO Optimisation Software Review 2022

Webfire SEO Review

Introduction to Webfire SEO Optimisation Software Webfire is a proprietary SEO Optimisation Software program which is highly capable and tried, tested and established. It is owned and marketed by Brian Koz and Shawn Casey, who themselves are very successful online marketers and entrepreneurs having sold many millions of dollars worth of products online over many years. They […]