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Ranking on the first page of search engines is becoming more challenging and more demanding. One constant remains though, and that is the quality of your SEO content. High-quality content will help you rank higher, and increase your conversion rate.

But creating high-quality content requires consistent posting and keyword research skills. Our affordable content management service perfectly fits this gap by giving businesses premium SEO content at an affordable cost.

Our SEO Content Soars to the Top Of Google

Content is one of the few ranking factors that both users and search engine bots value. With each passing year, the demand for higher quality content is becoming more important when it comes to your search ranking. 

For your website to be found by adoring fans, you need to know what you’re doing. Keyword Expansion has dedicated itself to crafting the best content for our customers. The result is an SEO article that produces a high CTR and is content that your readers will love sharing.

Our content writing will help you:

Increase your organic traffic
Rank for more keywords

Thanks to Our Keyword Research Tactics

Content writing is great, but if you don’t include the right search term, it is often relegated to the depths of Google. Keyword research solves this problem by finding out what your readers are looking for.

Keyword research allows us to understand our target audience better and position our content in a way to best serve the intended audience. Providing valuable content is one of the best ways to generate long-lasting and profitable organic search traffic to any website.

Without the use of proper keyword research, your well-written content may never be found. While content writing is important, high-ranking web pages are created in the keyword planning stage, which is where we specialize. 

Our keyword research will help you:

keyword research Increase your keyword rankings
content writing service Target the correct audience

Bring Your Website to Life With Our SEO Content

Having a website is a great way to connect with people around the world. But what good is a website if nobody is visiting it? That is why new and consistent SEO content is so vital to a website. 

By working with us and adding a content uploading plan, you’ll notice how big of an effect it has on customer acquisition. 

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Start Expanding Your Search Presence Today!

For as long as Google has been around, they have greatly valued informative and engaging content. Pages with content that share relevant information and provide answers to questions often outrank websites that load faster or have more backlinks. 

Therefore, if a business wants to rank high on Google, it’s time to get serious about content creation. Figuring out specific keywords to target and climbing up the search rankings is a challenge that requires expertise.

That’s where we come in. We (Keyword Expansion) work with friends, freelancers, businesses, and everyone in between to simplify SEO content writing. With our research, creation, and SEO process, we provide a rewarding piece of content that can bring in the type of traffic you have always dreamed of.

Our service is affordable and simple. We provide a full-scope content writing service that takes the headache out of content creation. Sit back and relax as we take care of finding the right topic, doing the research, writing the content, and then posting it. We can even share it on your social media platforms!

All of our content comes with a royalty-free image and suggested SEO meta details. Feel free to contact us if you have any modifications or requests.

Affordable Articles For Any Website

One Premium Article - Researched, Written, Posted, and Shared.
$ 75 Single Article
  • Topical Research
  • Content Writing
  • Blog Posting
  • Two Revisions
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Tags
  • Posting Article to Website
  • Sharing Article on Social Media

Our Writing Portfolio

Comparison Articles

Help readers answer tough questions and be rewarded with search traffic. These articles can turn researchers into purchasers.

Affiliate Articles

Affiliate articles require a particular structure and choice of words in order to rank and convert. We've perfected the craft.

Informative Articles

Informative articles are a great way to catch readers at the educational stage. This type of content builds strong internal links.